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Questions tagged [t-tail]

A tail configuration where the horizontal stabilizer is mounted on the top of the vertical stabilizer.

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Why do you pull back on the stick in a forward slip? [duplicate]

In a forward slip (I'm learning to fly sailplanes, if that matters), quite a lot of back pressure is needed to keep the nose up in a forward slip. Why, aerodynamically speaking, is this the case? I ...
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Why does the nose pitch up during power reduction in a T-tail with rear mounted engines?

For the CRJ700 for example, reducing thrust causes a pitch up. Why is that?
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11 votes
2 answers

Why do big modern airplanes not use a T-tail configuration for the horizontal stabilizer?

I'm wondering why modern widebody aircraft (such as B787/777, A330/350 etc.) don't use horizontal stabilizers with T-tail configuration. What's the difference between placement of this element? There ...
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Would fitting a T-tail on the 737 Max make MCAS unnecessary?

This is pretty far out, so I just pose it as a question for notion or ideas, rather than conclusive answers. Considering the differences in flight characteristics between the Boeing 737 Max-8 and ...
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What is the aspect ratio of T-tail for common twin turboprops?

I'm trying to figure out typical AR values for a T-tail configuration (at the conseptual design phase). Working with Raymer I found this table: I can see the typical AR values for the vertical tail ...
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Why do some T-tail aircraft have a protrusion on the top front of the tail? [duplicate]

Aircraft like the Tu-154 and VC-10 have a "point" on the T-tail, while others like the 727 do not. Is this structure a shock body, or otherwise related to the tail's aerodynamics? And why is it only ...
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Why do the C-141 and C-5 have T-tails?

Both the C-141 Starlifter and C-5 Galaxy have T-tails, where the horizontal stabilizers and elevators are mounted on top of the vertical fin rather than on the sides of the aft fuselage. T-tails are ...
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What is the 'end plate' effect?

When talking about T-tail configuration, I don't understand the statement that, "The vertical tail can be shorter due to the end plate effect of the horizontal tail." What exactly is the endplate ...
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Why do T- tail airplanes have a shorter vertical stabilizer?

Airplanes with a T-tail design have a shorter vertical stabilizer than the conventional design , what is the reason?
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Is the ATR empennage configuration considered a T-tail or a cruciform tail?

How is the ATR 42/72 empennage considered? Is it a T-Tail or a cruciform tail? From the image the elevators are placed quite high on the tail that they can be considered as a T-Tail but is it so? ...
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4 answers

How do conventional and T-tails differ?

What design considerations go into the decision between conventional tails and T-tails? Functionally the horizontal stabilizer/stabilator are the same in both cases, providing negative lift, the ...
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