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Questions tagged [sukhoi-su-25]

A twin-engine Soviet/Russian close air support (CAS) jet aircraft produced since 1975, and in service since 1981.

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2 answers

What is the purpose of the extending wingtip panels on the Su-25?

Is it to increase the air resistance of the aircraft? Source:
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2 answers

What features enable the Su-25 Frogfoot to operate with such a wide variety of fuels?

It is widely attested* that the Su-25 Frogfoot's engines (the Turmansky R-95Sh and later the R-195) were designed to function using a wide variety of fuels, including diesel, gasoline, petrol, ...
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Is it possible for an SU-25 to fly high enough to shoot down a Boeing 777?

A common theory from pro-Russian netizens surrounding the MH-17 tragedy is that it was a Ukrainian Sukhoi SU-25 ground attack plane that shot down the civilian airliner. However, the MH-17 was flying ...
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