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The Sukhoi Su-27 is a twin-engine supermaneuverable fighter aircraft designed by Sukhoi in the 1970s and early 1980s to counter 4th generation American air superiority fighters such as the F-14 and the F-15.

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What are the variants of the J-11 still used by China?

The J-11A Flanker-B+ is a Chinese licensed copy of the Su-27SK from Russia (Unlike the J-11B which wasn't). So do the PLAAF still use the J-11A (If so, with AL-31s or WS-10s?)
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What is the N001VEP symbology in the Su-27SM?

I saw on Wikipedia that the N001VEP radar in the Su-27SM can track 10 targets at a time and engage 4 of them at a time. So, what is the symbology of the N001VEP in the Su-27SM that allows it to do ...
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What specific features of the Sukhoi 27 make it a rival to the F-15?

I just read an article about the Sukhoi 35 that mentioned as a side note that: The Soviet SU-27 was designed to kill the American F-15 Of course the political context of the Cold War agrees with ...
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What improvement was made in Su-35 over Su-30?

What improvement was made in Su-35 over Su-30?
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What are these protruding elements from SU-27's tail?

I recently saw in person SU-27 belonging to the Ukrainian Air Force. I spotted some protruding elements from its tail and I'm wondering what are they called and what do they do?
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Why is there a white line on Russian fighter jets' instrument panel?

In several Russian fighter jets (e.g., MiG-29, Su-27) there is a white line on the stick that matches with another one on the instrument panel. Is there any reason for this? Cockpit of a mig29 ...
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What is this part between the Su-35's jet exhaust nozzles?

What is the long thing that sticks out between the Su-35's jet exhaust nozzles and what does it do? Source:
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Why would a country prefer to purchase Su-35 rather than Su-30MK? [closed]

Given that the Su-35 is merely an upgrade from the Su-27, why is Indonesia purchasing Su-35?
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Why doesn't F-15 have a protruded cone at its rear like what the Su-35 has?

Why doesn't F-15 have a protruded cone-like structure at its rear like what the Su-35 has? Left one is Su-35. Right one is F-15. This is Radar Warning Receiver. Where is F-15's RWR?
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Reason for limited engine fuselage on Sukhoi fighter aircraft? [closed]

To my amateur eye, there appears to be limited fuselage on the engines for Sukhoi fighters from Su-27 on. That is, the fuselage follows the curvature of the engines closely and there is a definite ...
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What is this feature on a Sukhoi Su-27? [duplicate]

Most but not all Russian Su-27's (and variants like the Su-30, -32, -33) have a device that looks like a headlight in front of the cockpit. What is it?
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What is that device on an Su-27 pilot's helmet?

While watching a YouTube video (2.5hrs), I noticed this device on the top of most Russian Su-27 combat pilot's helmet. A google search only shows it for a Su-27 and MiG-29, but apparently no other ...
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Why is the Su-27 so much larger than the MiG-29?

I was watching the following video of the Russian Knights and Swifts aerobatic teams flying together in formation. The contrast in the size of their airplanes is striking. ...