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The layer of the atmosphere in which temperature is rising with altitude, from about 10 mi (16 km) to 35 mi (56 km) above sea level.

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Jet Stream effects at 60.000 ft

Today's airplanes cruise at 40,000 feet. Easterly flight times are longer than their westerly components due to the direction of the jet stream. Comercial supersonic flights did/will cruise at 60,000 ...
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The weather balloon began to bounce less as it entered the stratosphere

We launched a weather balloon where one of the sensors was an accelerometer. The data from it show all parts of the flight (1 launch (0 m), 3 bursts of the balloon (35,800 m), 4 landing (0 M)). We ...
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What would have happened if the space balloonists had opened their parachute immediately when jumping off?

What would have happened if Joe Kittinger, Felix Baumgartner and Alan Eustace had opened their parachute right after jumping off the capsule (respectively releasing oneself from the balloon in case of ...