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A Supplemental Type Certificate is an FAA approved major modification or repair to an existing type certified aircraft, engine or propeller.

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What would generally be required to get an STC for swapping wing sections on a glider?

There are some neat gliders out there like the Pipistrel Sinus where the wing can be shortened/lengthened considerably by swapping out the outer wing panels. If I wanted to do something similar and ...
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Do aircraft have to be certified specifically for skydiving?

As a skydiver, I have jumped from many different types of aircraft. Most have been specially modified for the sport. Are there requirements outside of the mechanical modifications for an aircraft to ...
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Are stories of autopilots in things like the J-3 basically urban myth?

While my own research makes plain that the Cub-owning community seems to consider the idea of installing even the most basic autopilot into a Cub a mortal sin, there are scattered accounts on the web ...
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Is there an STC for converting the Continental O-470-R to a fuel injected engine?

Is there an STC for converting the Continental O-470-R to a fuel injected engine without making any other changes?
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When does the FAA require OEM involvement for the approval of an STC?

There appear to be many instances when companies modify aircraft (or introduce after-market systems) without the involvement of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), up to conversions of ...
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At what point does an aircraft need a new type certificate vs a STC?

First post. Yes, I did search but this specific question has not been asked before. This answer is close, however: How does a mechanic determine if a repair or alteration requires a Supplemental Type ...
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How can I calculate the speed gain from using multiple STC modifications together?

Looking at a parts manufacturer website, they list various STC'd modifications for Mooneys with estimated (cruise?) speed gains for each. However, I've heard that those gains are not additive. For ...
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Canceled regulations for an STC CCL

easy question: When creating a list of regulations (and the documents that show compliance with those regulations) that apply to our STC, if one of them has been canceled, would we continue to use ...
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How can I find out if there's an EASA STC for something that has an FAA STC?

I want to purchase something for my Cessna from a US web shop. The part has a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the FAA, but I don't find any information about the EASA equivalent. Is there ...
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Does TC holder of aircraft need to be notified by the PART 21 DOH that they are making a major mod STC to their product?

Can someone confirm if a part 21 design organizations has to inform the TC holder or not? This is because I am on a part 66 course at the moment and the text is as follows in one of the books, but I'm ...
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How are STCs granted for similar aircraft? Archer vs Arrow

I'm specifically interested in the Garmin GFC 500 autopilot certification, but this question can apply to any STC question. The GFC 500 is certified for a ton of Archer (PA-28) variants, but no ...
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Does a conversion for wheel to floats require an STC or Form 337?

When you add floats to a tricycle gear (e.g. Beaver) do you need an STC to install the TSO'd floats? Or can this installation be approved with a Form 337 for a single aircraft?
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Can a turbo aircraft be converted to non-turbo?

I'm specifically thinking about the Arrow III. There are hundreds or possibly thousands of turbo Arrow III's, but almost no non-turbos. Could I buy an Arrow III Turbo (PA-28R-201T) that is at TBO ...
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Is there a 180HP conversion available for a 2011 160HP Cessna 172R with a Garmin G1000?

I've recently purchased a 2011 172R (160HP) with a G1000 on the sellers promise that I can apply a propeller switch and modified air intake STC to get the derated engine back to 180HP. However, the ...
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How do I have a gravel kit certified as an STC?

Any idea how one certifies a gravel kit for an aircraft? I am interested in possibly developing and certifying a gravel kit as an STC. I am looking for FAA regulations that would be involved in such ...
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How reliable are aircraft cutaway drawings from Flightglobal?

I am working on a new system that would be retrofitted on jets (can't talk much about it yet), and I was looking for detailed drawings to start creating its detailed engineering design. I stumbled ...
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Is an EASA STC valid if it mentions issue 1 of a Master Drawing List that was later revised?

EASA STC certificate mentions the original issue of the Master Drawing List of the STC as "Associated Technical Documentation". But the STC provider delivered a revised version of the MDL. Is the ...
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Can a modified aircraft be imported and certified in the US?

Aircraft can be brought into the US and be made airworthy by FAA standards. What about aircraft legally modified in other countries? For example, there is a new STC to put a Rotax 912 into Cessna ...
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