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Why choose to ditch in the sea over bailing out?

I recently watched the film Dunkirk (I highly recommend watching it). Without wanting to give away too much information about the film, a Spitfire pilot is flying over part of The Channel. They lose ...
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Why was the Spitfire's elliptical wing almost uncopied by other aircraft of World War 2?

The Spitfire was one of the most successful designs of its day, with flying qualities of a similar standard to the other best designs of the era. In its decade of production from 1936 it grew bigger, ...
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22 votes
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What is this cutout in the Spitfire cockpit glass?

This is a still from the film Dunkirk. I realise this is not a historical document, but I have also found a similar feature in photos of real Spitfires. What is the purpose of this?
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How can I tell the difference between Spitfires and Hurricanes in photos?

The Spitfire was one of WW2's iconic aircraft, its fame coming from its spectacular performance in the Battle of Britain. But in that battle, Hawker Hurricanes outnumbered Spitfires 2:1. Often ...
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What is the physical explanation for the pre-stall judder in a Spitfire?

From the book "First Light" by Geoffrey Wellum, where the author describes dog-fight manoeuvres against an Me 109: If you want to shake someone off your tail you have to fly your Spitfire ...
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2 answers

Did the Germans ever use captured Allied aircraft against the Allies?

I have noticed that during WWII the Germans captured quite a few P-47s, P-51s, Spitfires, and other Allied aircraft. I know that they tested them extensively but wanted to know if they ever used them ...
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How is Spitfire landing gear powered?

I have seen a WW2 movie where the pilot of the Supermarine Spitfire has difficulties to extend the landing gear as the engine is no longer running. This would be reasonable if the gear normally needs ...
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What is the battery voltage for a Supermarine Spitfire?

I am used to modern aircraft being 28V systems. I found an article saying that a trolley AC plug in battery used to start WWII aircraft was 12V. I'm trying to confirm or disprove this.
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4 votes
3 answers

Why did some Spitfire variants have their wings clipped?

Some Spitfire variants have clipped wingtips instead of the round, elliptical wingtip. The reason for this is to increase the roll rate and low-altitude performance. My question is: How would clipping ...
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2 answers

Was there ever a fuel-injected Spitfire?

I couldn't find one but did it ever exist? Would adding fuel injection have improved combat effectiveness or fuel efficiency?
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1 answer

BHP increases with Altitude

Searching on internet, I found some performance charts of the Merlin Engine BHP output: As you can see there is an increase in BHP,(mainting a constant Boost Setting), until reaching the critical ...
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3 answers

use the KiGass to reduce the heat of engine

I'm researchigng a spitfire crash near my home town 1944 . The pilot did not survive the crash. Now I'm writing his story. The pilot reported engine trouble. During my research I found followin data: ...
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Is the maximum power the Merlin 61 reciprocating engine occuring at its maximum RPM?

Looking at the stats breakdown on Wikipedia here for the Merlin 61 series reciprocating engines used in Spitfire planes, I noticed that maximum horsepower is given at approximately 3000 RPM. But ...
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