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What are those flight level values on an airway?

I have downloaded from this link the chart of available airways over the Canary Islands. There, in some of the airways, it says FL660 FL145 As far as I know, ...
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In Spain, can I land and take off from my own property?

I have a property in Spain with a big field; is it legal to take off from and land on your own property in a light aircraft?
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can I do my PPLA license in spain even if I live in Germany?

I live in Germany but I was born in Spain, I wpuld like as a hobby, to get my PPLA license.. but I would like to do that in Spain, if so, can I still flight in germany? is that possible? Thanks..
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What is a "KALP114A" ATC regulation?

My flight (in Spain) was delayed for 6h and after I submitted the claim the airline worker answered me that it was delayed due to KALP114A regulations imposed by ATC, but I didn't find any info, that ...
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Can you help me identify a vintage airplane in a painting?

This is a recent photo of the king of Spain, Felipe VI, visiting Spanish troops stationed in Iraq. In the background there is a picture of an old plane, possibly with a propeller, that I suppose from ...
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Why are follow-me cars used in Gran Canaria Airport in good visibility for incoming aircraft?

I've been at GCLP (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain) a few weeks ago. I've observed that all incoming traffic was guided by a Follow Me while outgoing traffic went without one. I was curious about ...
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