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Use for solo flight during training and regular flying

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Can a student pilot certificate be used for transportation with an endorsement?

If I live in Anytown and need to make a trip over to Bigcity for non-flight-training-related purposes, I have a student pilot certificate, it's just me going, and I have a solo endorsement from my ...
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Do you have to fly to an airport with an instructor before you can solo there?

I am currently doing my flight training and my CFI said that before I can fly solo to another airport he needs to fly with me there first. Is this true?
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If I have two 61.87(n)/(p) student solo endorsements, can I pick which one to operate under?

The backstory: I am working on my US PPL. I started my training with Mr. D, and got most of what I needed for my solo with him except perfecting my landings. Mr. D felt he was having trouble helping ...
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Can solo time be logged with a passenger?

Here's a very niche question. If someone were to have completed their recreational or sport pilot license and be actively pursuing their private pilot license, could flight time without an instructor ...
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Is it worth it taking flying lessons even though I can't commit to regular lessons right now? [closed]

I can’t commit to flying on a regular basis right now. I’m close to a Class B airport with a flight school. There’s a C150 for 100/hr and a Zlin 242 for 160/hr. Instruction is 50/hr. There is, ...
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Do solo night time and “towered” landings total separately toward the solo night requirements in FAR 61.129?

FAR 61.129(a)(4)(ii) reads as follows for an applicant for commercial airplane single-engine, and makes similar provisions for other categories and classes. (4) Ten hours of solo flight time … that ...
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What is the FAA definition of solo flight?

If I'm a student pilot (for commercial), and I flew for pleasure with friends one night, do I log those hours as solo? Does solo mean, only pilot in the aircraft? Or does it literally mean only person?...
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