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Questions tagged [snow]

Questions about how aircraft and the operations thereof are affected by the presence of snow.

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1 answer

Can ski-equipped aircraft land on a conventional runway?

These two aircraft operate in the Antarctic: the image shows their undercarriage adapted for the snow. The nearest plane (a DHC-6 Twin Otter) has had its wheels completely replaced with skis. The ...
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Are there cases of aircraft moved off runway by pushing them with vehicles?

And now something completely different for Summer holidays. Arthur Hailey was a RAF pilot who wrote Airport, a novel which later was adapted as a movie by George Seaton. The action is said taking ...
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20 votes
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What makes snow on the wings during take off so dangerous?

What is the cause of the widely known danger of snow on the wings of the airliner? Why does it require deicing before taking off? I cannot believe it just makes the plane too heavy, and it is not ...
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How dangerous is to take-off and fly with snow on the wings?

I have seen a video of a commercial aircraft taking-off with snow on the wings. I wonder how dangerous it is to take-off and fly with snow on the wings.
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20 votes
2 answers

How do aircraft brake when using skis?

Planes use skis to land on ice/snow runaway. How can the plane brake in such conditions? Friction must be limited to allow takeoff and aerodynamic braking are not the main contributors to the ...
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