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Entry to back-side of power curve

When entering slow flight, when do we enter the back side of the power curve? Is it when we reduce the throttle or when the airspeed decreases to just above 5 knots from the stall speed?
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Wind turbine airfoil on low Reynolds number aircraft

I read that the criteria considered when designing a wind turbine airfoil are slightly different to the ones when designing an airfoil for an aircraft. I was wondering, for a low Reynolds number ...
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Why do planes fly at a high angle of attack when flying slow?

I've noticed that when a plane does slow flight, the pilot increases the angle of attack (AOA). What is the purpose of this? F-18 - Slow Pass
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Why does power help us maintain altitude in slow flight?

I was asked this question and didn’t know how to phrase a nice and easy explanation. What I said is- well because drag is now increasing Un- proportionally to lift, we need something to generate more ...
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For slow-flying ultralights, how would a delta wing compare to a biplane layout of equal wing area?

Context: By "slow-flying" I refer to ultralights that can be classed as "motorfloaters" - similar wing loading to a hang-glider, stall speed below 40km/h, cruise speed not much above. I'm interested ...
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What is the relationship between drag and sink rate?

I was just brushing up on basic aerodynamics and I have something I want to clarify about flying in the region of reverse command. I went up in my 172 the other day and noticed the following while ...
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How can you fly at 0kts without stalling?

At 0g, stall is theoretically impossible. In practice, can a maneuver be performed that, by bringing the aircraft to, or very close to 0g, also brings the aircraft to a temporary standstill, or near ...
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As a plane gets slower, why does a certain bank angle make you turn faster?

In the video "Maneuvering during Slow Flight" the narrator states that while flying slow the airplane will be less responsive to aileron and other control inputs. He also says that the plane will turn ...
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Can we borrow Formula One's ground effect for airplanes?

(Source) Inspired by the now banned late 70's F1 ground effect, I wondered if it can be adopted by airplanes. So, I came up with this: (Own work) The system A belly door that opens at slow speeds ...
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Why does the ACS forbid activation of the stall warning during slow flight?

In section VII. Slow Flight and Stalls, page 54 of the Private Airplane ACS, the Skills section contains in part $$\begin{array}{l|l} \bf{Skills} & \text{The applicant demonstrates the ability ...
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