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A controlled parachute jump out of an aircraft for sport.

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Is skydiving in IMC (through clouds) legal and safe?

(1) What are the legal considerations for skydiving into clouds? I see many skydivers did fall into and out clouds in online videos. However, the clouds are mostly scattered or thin-layered. How about ...
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Landing Wingsuit on Solid Ground or Water

Is it possible to land with a wingsuit on solid ground or water? What does not count: Jumping from low height that does not allow to reach terminal velocity Landing in trees or other objects that ...
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What happens if a parachute does not open while skydiving?

While skydiving we have to jump from the airplane at a certain altitude above Earth. So if for some reason the parachute doesn't open, then will that person (or any object similar to a human body) ...
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How does skydiving flight cause shock cooling?

While answering this question (How can reducing power too quickly on a piston engine damage it?), barit1 said that: Skydiving planes see a LOT of shock cooling, and they pay for it at overhaul time ...
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Are there any safety data on the aircraft used for skydiving?

I am planning a (first) skydive, a tandem jump with an instructor. However, I have not picked which school I will use yet. I am convinced about the safety of the jump itself, but cannot find reliable ...
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