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Questions tagged [sideslip]

A flight condition where an aircraft's direction of motion is not aligned with its longitudinal axis, causing the aircraft to "slip" sideways through the air.

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In a plane with airbrakes, such as a glider, how do slips and airbrakes interact?

While adding a slip to enhance my descent rate, I got to thinking that the airbrakes might be losing effectiveness as the slip twists them out of the relative wind. This thought arose because I did ...
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What is a rough estimate for a sideslip angle for a Dutch Roll?

I previously asked: Is there a regulatory maximum side slip angle for commercial aircraft? Apart from a regulatory maximum, can anyone give me a rough value to assume for sideslip angle during a dutch ...
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What is missing from these diagrams of the forces in slips and skids?

See these images that are widely reproduced in many different on-line ground school materials. A) Is the magnitude of the wing's lift vector illustrated correctly in each of the three cases? Should ...
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