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Questions tagged [sid-star]

A SID (Standard Instrument Departure) is a procedure for departing an airport and joining the airway structure. A STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival Route) is a procedure from the airway structure onto an approach.

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What is a "Descend Via" clearance?

When flying to Teterboro, NJ (KTEB) and cleared via the JAIKE THREE ARRIVAL from Flat Rock (FAK): What does ATC expect when they give a clearance like: N1234, Descend VIA the JAIKE THREE ARRIVAL ...
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What altitude should you cross DBIGE at on the PALLEY FIVE Departure (SID)?

While at Henderson Executive airport you receive an IFR clearance containing the phraseology "Climb Via the PALLEY FIVE Departure, Coaldale Transition" and you receive no additional altitude ...
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6 votes
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Anybody know the reason for the ‘Star Wars’ themed STARs into KATL?

There are new RNAV STARs for arrival into Atlanta Class Bravo for KATL. Does anybody know the reason a Star Wars theme was chosen for waypoint names eg TYFTR, WOKIE, NWHPE, etc?
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What are the "parts" of a SID procedure?

In the ARINC 424 (downloadable from this link), the following information about SIDs procedures is given in the section 5.7 Route Type (RT TYPE): As you can see, it appears to me that a procedure is ...
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Do Jeppesen SIDs have top altitude?

FAA SID charts show the top altitude, the maximum altitude you can climb to when cleared for the SID. Do Jeppesen SID charts also show the top altitude? I checked some of them but couldn't find it. If ...
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Are 'climb via a SID' instructions actually used in the US?

In the USA, a departing aircraft is instructed to climb: to flight level and maintain, or via standard instrument departure (SID) That's according to US Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP). ...
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