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Definition of long-haul flight

Who determined the definition of what a "long-haul" flight is? By implication, this presupposes definitions of "short-haul" and possible "medium-haul"/"extra-long-...
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Why would short-haul flights be pressurised at a higher cabin pressure?

In the article here : it is claimed that Short-haul flights are usually pressurized at 5,000 to 6,000 feet while long-haul ...
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What are the structural differences between short- and long-haul airplanes?

As I understand it, pressurization cycles introduce the most stress on an airframe so maintenance intervals are tied to it. However, not all planes are equal in that regard, a long haul flight in a ...
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What is the rationale behind very short distance flights?

I was impressed to read here that some passenger airline routes are even below 60 km in length. Even assuming that the passengers are already in the airport past the security check, probably a good ...
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Is this the shortest route served by an Airbus A320?

Is this the shortest route served by an Airbus A320? Port Louis to Saint-Denis, 231 km (144 mi). Air Mauritius flight MK248.
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