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San Francisco International Airport

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2 votes
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How to best navigate around and land at KPAO (Palo Alto, CA)?

Flying VFR into KPAO from the South for the first time in a Cherokee. Any advice on the best way to navigate KSJC and the SFO Bravo? Thanks.
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What are the meanings of those SFO Taxiway Marking?

I'm studying aviation and pulled up a Google Map satellite view of San Francisco International Airport (KSFO) and was wondering if someone could shed some light on what a few of the taxiway markings ...
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How is it safe and legal to land in parallel runways [duplicate]

How come it is safe and legal to land in parallel runways (for example, in SFO). The planes are way too close, at a distance that would not, I assume, be according to flight regulations and safety ...
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What is the history of the "Superbay" at San Fransisco International?

The Superbay is a maintenance hangar on the north end of the field at San Francisco International Airport, north of runway 28R and west of runway 19R. On the airport diagram it is not labeled, but ...
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Why is one of two parallel runways sometimes closed in foggy weather?

A few times, when flying into SFO, me and my fellow passengers were informed that due to foggy weather one of two parallel runways there is closed, causing delays. So, a few questions: Why can only ...
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13 votes
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What is the FMS Bridge Visual 28R approach at SFO?

I've read that SFO has a specialized FMS Bridge Visual approach to 28R that is not published but instead is custom tailored for specific operators. What exactly is this approach and how does it work? ...
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