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A method for avoiding collision in VMC.

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How often do airline pilots actually have to avoid other aircraft that ATC did not tell them about at cruise altitude?

I know any pilot flying in VMC, whether under VFR or IFR, must "see and avoid." How often do airline pilots actually "see" and have to "avoid" other traffic at cruise ...
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Why are gliders oftentimes not equipped with a transponder?

Oftentimes gliders are not equipped with transponders (at least in Europe). Even if they are, they do not necessarily operate it at all times. This is allowed by SERA.13001: (a) When an aircraft ...
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Which avoidance maneuver is best when seeing crossing traffic on approach to a runway?

Let us say I am in final landing and I saw another aircraft is crossing the runway while I am still in air, should go around be my best choice? If I touched down and then I saw the traffic, how ...
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What is the meaning of "pass well clear" in the ICAO right of way rules?

ICAO Annex 2 states under An aircraft that is obliged by the following rules to keep out of the way of another shall avoid passing over, under or in front of the other, unless it ...
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Are there any regulations on how VFR Aircraft have to dodge if they are facing each other? [duplicate]

I thought about what happens when there are two Aircraft flying VFR, facing each other. VFR Aircraft are not guided by ATC, they have to seperate from other traffic on their own. I thought it could ...
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What if traffic should give way to me but doesn't appear to be?

Let's say I'm flying a GA aircraft VFR, and I don't have TCAS or similar. I see another aircraft on a converging course, and it must give way to me. (Suppose it has me on its right.) It doesn't appear ...
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Which way should you turn to avoid another aircraft?

During visual flight conditions, when you see another aircraft in your path, you should strive to avoid hitting it. In shipping there are standard international rules about which way boats should ...
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Are civilian/GA pilots expected to "see and avoid" fast military jets in VMC?

I don't know if this also applies to the U.S. or just to Europe, but in Europe the civilian airspace is frequently used by military jets. On numerous occasions I've seen F-16's and other fighter jets ...
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