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Are there additional structural measures in airliners with asymemtrical seating arrangements?

I was recently flying onboard an A220 and was surprised by the asymmetrical five abreast seating arrangement. Are there any structural measures (e.g. counter weights, ...) to balance out the aircraft ...
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Why was the Ka-50 designed with only one seat?

The Soviet/Russian attack helicopter Kamov Ka-50 Black Shark is unique in many ways, one of which being the only attack helicopter to my knowledge that only seats one crewmember. Generally, attack ...
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Why are 3- or 4-seat gliders so rare?

Sailplanes capable of climbing in rising air (not troop transports, which can only descend after the towrope releases) have one or two seats. I know of only one type with more, the Schweizer SGS 2-32 ...
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What's the maximum seat configuration for a 747 that is actually used?

I'm curious what model and configuration of the 747 has the most seating capacity actually used somewhere in the world. The Wikipedia page lists "typical" seating, maxing out at 467 (the 747-8). But ...
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Is the passenger capacity of the A350 really only 250 pax?

I read online that the capacity of an A350 was 250 passengers, but I took the max cabin width and length of an A350-900XWB, and I ended up with a 400 passenger capacity in a 4-class layout. Economy ...
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A commercial jet with rear tail-mounted engines and 3+3 seat pattern?

I have just spotted a cameo in one of the old CSI:NY episodes. External shot showed a commercial jet, rather big aircraft, with rear tail-mounted engines. While internal shots shown 3+3 seat rows ...
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How many crew does a P-8 operate with?

According to Reuters, Iran says it refrained from shooting down U.S. plane with 35 on board. The article goes onto say the aircraft was a P-8 Poseidon with 35 on board: Iran refrained from shooting ...
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How could a twin aisle aircraft (Boeing NMA) ever have a single aisle (A321) economics?

I understand from this discussion about the Boeing 757 and 767 that drag is directly related to the front area of the airframe, hence flight efficiency of the dual aisle aircraft can only be ...
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Why there is such a strong correlation between the range of an airliner and its passenger capacity?

Why we rarely see an A320 (or equivalent aircraft) on a long route with all premium business seats or an A380 (or equivalent aircraft) with high density seating and on a short route? On top of that, ...
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Could a commercial plane seat configuration look like a troop carrier?

I wonder whether Michael O'Leary has already seen that. I am pretty sure he would be eager to implement the idea. However, is that feasible - both from a legal, and as a security policy - for ...
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Why does speed lose out to capacity?

The Concorde had a maximum speed of 2.05 Mach, carrying about 96-128 passengers. The Airbus A380 can achieve a top speed of 0.95 Mach with more than 500 passengers on board. This means roughly 5 times ...
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