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Do business jet beds have safety belts?

I regularly notice reports of injuries due to turbulence on AVHerald. I've also seen photos of bedrooms in aircraft such as the Boeing BBJ. Are beds fitted with 'seat' belts to stop you hitting the ...
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What are the seatbelt rules for pilots and passengers under Part 91?

This is my basic understanding of the FAR's regarding seatbelt rules for civil aircraft: PIC must brief passengers on how to operate belts (and shoulder harness if installed) PIC must notify ...
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What did seat belts look like in 1940s aircraft?

I first flew back in the 1940s as a four or five year old. I have a vague memory of a seat belt locked with a wooden peg inserted into a webbing loop. The aircraft was probably a Vickers Viking, a ...
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Seatbelt safety and quick release [closed]

Seatbelts, are said to be the object that causes the most deaths in emergency situations on airplanes. (this part is hearsay, just ancillary! :) ) I free-dive, and one of the rules we were taught is ...
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What year did the seat belt sign come in to use?

What year did commercial airlines start using a lighted seat belt sign?
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Is the seat-belt sign activation when a pilot goes to the lavatory standard procedure?

Yesterday, I took an inter-European commercial flight with a popular budget airline. Before take-off, the captain announced that the First Officer would be taking the entire flight today. During the ...
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Don’t seats that recline flat defeat the purpose of having seatbelts?

Virtually all first-class airline seats, and many to most business-class seats, recline all the way down, either as lie-flat seats (where the seat reclines to a 180º seatback-seatpan angle, but the ...
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Why are airline seat belts lap-only? [duplicate]

On the flight that I was on today, one of the passengers near me asked this question. Why don’t airplanes use lap- and shoulder belts like cars do?
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Are there little seat belts or other restraints for the organ-containing coolers kept in cockpits?

The NPR podcast A Surgeon Reflects On Death, Life And The 'Incredible Gift' Of Organ Transplant features Dr. Joshua Mezrich a surgeon who flies to other hospitals to retrieve organs for transplant ...
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Why don't plane seats have shoulder straps? [duplicate]

Why don't seats on airliners have shoulder straps, like the seats in (European) coaches often do? Wouldn't a shoulder-strap be more effective than adopting the brace position, in the event of a crash-...
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Does the FAA restrict the color of pilot seat belts?

In the US, is there a legal restriction to prevent the use of bright red pilot seat belts in GA aircraft?
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What are the regulations regarding the safety briefings and harness designs for open-door helicopters?

I'm reading about a helicopter crash that happened yesterday in New York City. The helicopter landed in the East River and apparently inverted. The pilot was able to escape, but all five passengers ...
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When did airlines start using seat belts for passengers?

When did airlines start using seat belts on passenger flights?
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When may commercial pilots release their shoulder harness?

In one answer to a similar question I found a hint to 14 CFR 91.105: (b) Each required flight crewmember of a U.S.-registered civil aircraft shall, during takeoff and landing, keep his or her ...
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Can the two female belts in Jurassic Park be anything else but a wrongly installed belt? [closed]

In Jurassic Park, when the party arrives on Isla Nublar, Dr. Alan Grant discovers his seat belt has two female ends. He makes it work, foreshadowing that in nature as well, a population of only ...
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