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The operation after an accident that tries to rescue the survivors.

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How can a computer model yield two possible flight paths of MH370 in South Indian Ocean?

I am reading this article on the NY Times, where they show two possible flight paths of the missing flight MH370 in the South Indian Ocean: I am wondering how they can come up with such specific ...
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How close do you have to be to an underwater black box to detect it?

The news keeps talking about the black boxes on aircraft that end up in water, and one thing that keeps coming up is the underwater locator beacon that transmits a signal for 30 days if it gets wet. ...
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Where can I find more information about my grandfather's crashed B-18a bomber on Mt. Redoubt Alaska?

My father and I have chartered a plane for late August to search for the remains of my grandfather's B-18a bomber, which crashed in the summer of 1942 in Mt. Redoubt Alaska. I am specifically ...
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Would better location tracking for airliners improve safety?

Once in a while an airliner just up and disappears -- typically over ocean -- and lengthy and expensive search efforts have to be launched in order to find it. The most famous cases in recent years ...
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13 votes
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Could Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have sunk without leaving any floating wreckage?

With all the searching on the surface of the Indian Ocean for evidence of Flt. 370, I'm wondering if there's any conceivable scenario in which the Boeing 777 could have sunk without producing any ...
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How does a CVR / FDR determine when to stop recording?

For example, the CVR records only about 2 hours of data. Overwriting important data must be avoided, and thus the recorders should know if a catastrophe has happened. Then they can stop recording (to ...
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