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A jet engine that uses ram pressure to compress incoming air, and where the airflow throughout the entire engine is at supersonic speeds.

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How can the 3M22 Zircon receive commands at high speeds?

According to its Wikipedia article, the scramjet-powered 3M22 Zircon missile is capable of achieving speeds of up to Mach 9, at which a plasma may be created around the missile. The article further ...
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Does/Can combustion instabilities occur in SCRAM jet?

I was told that combustion occurs at Supersonic speeds in SCRAM jet. So acoustic disturbances/ pressure fluctuations can't travel into incoming jet stream. Does this avoids combustion instabilities in ...
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What is the operating temperarature of a scram jet at its theoretical maximum speed?

What is the operating temperature of a scram jet at its theoretical maximum speed of Mach 24? For those with access to a simulator and do such simulators exist and are they possible? Given this ...
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The state of the art of scramjet engine

What is the state of the art of the scramjet engine? Which nation is at the envelope of that technology? This is a follow-up to this question.
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