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A jet engine that uses ram pressure to compress incoming air, and where the airflow throughout the entire engine is at supersonic speeds.

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Is the compressor required on jet engines? Can air be rammed into the turbine?

In the context of a common airliner (say Boeing 777), when the airplane is on the ground, and the turbines are on, air is getting sucked in and compressed/bypassed. The engine has to do work to ...
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Are there any planes that have ramjet or scramjet engines?

Are there any planes that have ramjet or scramjet engines? If so, how did they reach the required mach speed for the engines to start functioning?
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What is the effect of Mach number on efficiency, thrust and specific fuel consumption of a ramjet engine?

My graphs show that overall efficiency and thrust first increase, reach a peak and then fall in the supersonic range (M=1-5) whereas SFC first drops and then increases rapidly near M 5. Why does this ...
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Is there a viable alternative to liquid hydrogen as a fuel for scramjets?

Given the difficulty and complexities of storing liquid hydrogen for commercial flight and the high velocity of air passing through a scramjet, do other types of fuel provide a feasible alternative ...
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Is the engine of 3M22 Zircon truly scramjet?

I have the impression that no scramjet has been realized so far. But the engine of 3M22 Zircon is reported to be a scramjet. Is it really a scramjet?
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Is it possible for a ramjet to start from 0 velocity?

I was wondering if it is possible for a ramjet to start from 0 velocity. I know its working principle and all, but is there any missile or aircraft that completely uses ramjet, with no rotating part ...
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