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How can the effects of hot corrosion and salt deposits from sea water spray in gas turbine engines be negated/prevented?

In aircraft operating in a maritime environment, corrosive effects from salt water are common. Are there any specific coatings used in engines for such aircraft? If so, which are they? How frequently ...
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2 answers

How do piston engines deal with sea spray (saltwater ingestion)?

From my related question, I want to know about sea spray being ingested into a piston engine during flight. Will this immediately corrode the engine unless there are special materials? I'm asking ...
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Does the ditching switch allow an A320 to float indefinitely?

I watched a documentary yesterday about the Hudson River ditching of US Airways Flight 1549. In the documentary, one of the investigators explained that the reason the water was entering so quickly ...
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What changes are needed for a piston-prop aircraft to withstand saltwater environment?

I'm interested in WW2-era piston-prop aircraft. I want to know what changes are needed to make the aircraft withstand saltwater corrosion. Presumably these are different and more expensive than the ...
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