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Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) is a class of operations which allow aircraft between FL290 and FL410 to operate with 1000 feet of vertical separation, rather than the 2000 foot minimum separation previously required.

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3 answers

When might a pilot hand-fly a jet at cruise altitudes, and is it difficult?

How difficult is it to hand-fly a jet at cruise altitudes? Other than autopilot failure and just doing it for the fun of it, when might you want to hand-fly at those altitudes? I suspect the answer ...
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Is it legal to fly in RVSM airspace with an inoperative autopilot?

FAR Part 91, Appendix G, Section 2 says: (c) Altitude-keeping equipment: All aircraft. To approve an aircraft group or a nongroup aircraft, the Administrator must find that the aircraft meets ...
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What is the maximum allowed difference between two altimeters for flying in RVSM airspace?

What is the allowable altitude difference reading between two altimeters while flying inside RVSM airspace?
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Can RVSM safely be further reduced?

Since the world population shows no signs of slowing down its rapid increase, it's pretty safe to say that means we can only expect more concurrent flights as time moves forward. Is it physically ...
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How does vertical separation work above FL400?

The information mentioned in "Jeppesen Airway Manual" is that after FL400, fight levels are FL430, FL470, FL510 for the 'even' FL's column. Normally, I would expect every level divided by a thousand ...
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Under what conditions can a non-RVSM aircraft or pilot fly in RVSM airspace?

After purchasing an aircraft, it takes the FAA a long time to issue RVSM approval for the new owner. During this time, under what conditions may an aircraft fly in RVSM airspace even though they ...
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