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Questions tagged [runway-incursion]

Any occurrence at an aerodrome involving the unauthorized presence of an aircraft, vehicle or person on the protected area of a surface designated for the landing and take off of aircraft

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Are interlocked "traffic signals" possible/in use for taxiing?

I am a frequent viewer of the Youtube channel VASAviation which shows various interesting incidents regarding ATC. Recently there were two similar videos (first and second) where ATC directed a plane ...
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At non-controlled fields, what are the regulations concerning "line up and wait"?

Motivation I am working on best practices for a plane with a very slow constant speed prop. In my experience, it operationally takes 20 seconds or more to go from idle to full throttle (pushing the ...
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Was there a TCAS alert during the near miss at Austin TX, where a Boeing 737 was mistakenly cleared for takeoff in front of a 767?

On February 4th 2023, there was a near miss at the airport in Austin TX, where a 767 performing an auto land in foggy conditions nearly collided with a 737 that was taking off on the same runway. The ...
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Taxiway alignment on scissor intersecting runways

I came across this announcement on the first flight on Dublin Airport's new runway and was struck by something in the photo I had not seen before. The traditionally parallel taxiway makes a dogleg at ...
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Why are the FAROS and the RIL contents removed from AIM?

I was studying runway status light and I found that FAROS (Final Approach Runway Occupancy Signal) and RIL (Runway Intersection Lights) are deleted when I read FAA AIM. It is deleted in the FAA AIM ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Why does the FAA place such emphasis on runway incursions in the test standards?

In the FAA's ACS and the PTS there are many references to preventing runway incursions. In the test standards one will find it is elevated to becoming a special emphasis area and within the CFI PTS, ...
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Runway incursion episode/incident

Situation: I’m at the uncontrolled small airport (one runway and one taxi way). The runway in the direction I will be taking requires backtaxing. I’m ready to taxi, I check the radio and get ‘clear ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Are animals straying onto the runway considered to be a runway incursion?

Are animals on the runway defined as a runway incursion?
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5 votes
3 answers

Is it legal for a balloon to land at a US international airport?

Assuming the winds directed a hot air balloon near a US international airport, and the pilot has no other choice than landing, say near the runways/taxiways, would they face legal trouble/fines?
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3 answers

What distinct challenges are faced in taxi operations that aren't found in other phases of flight?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) made Runway Incursion Avoidance a special emphasis area and added it as a required task in several of the Practical Test Standards (PTS) documents. All the ...
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3 answers

Do planes return to service after non-fiery crashes?

A Turkish Airlines flight recently ran off the runway and ended up on its belly in a field. The landing gear were damaged, but the plane didn't burn and the fuselage remained intact. Are planes ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Is there a minimum separation between a landing aircraft and another crossing its runway?

I have just seen this video of what has been called a runway incursion at LEBL (my hometown airport). A russian jet initiates a go-around after seeing an argentinian plane crossing runway 02: https://...
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How are runway incursions avoided?

I'm wondering if there's ground radar on planes, or any fallback system other than relying on a controller, for avoiding runway incursions? Have any studies or reports been made that show ...
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