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Questions about circumstances where a runway is covered in something that makes it slipperier (such as water, snow, slush, or ice), and how aircraft operations are affected when this happens.

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How often do large airports clean up the black stuff? [duplicate]

Looking at Seattle International as an example, the first third of the runway is covered with a dark streak of tire material that accumulated from landings. How often, if ever, is this cleaned up? ...
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These "FICON" NOTAM's contractions aren't in the FAA contraction list. What do they mean?

These NOTAMs for KSGF state "Snow" when the icon on the left is hovered over with a mouse. The contraction "FICON" does not appear in the Notam Contractions list. It is currently the middle of June ...
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When is a runway considered to be wet or slippery for 135 or 121 landing performance considerations?

For the purposes of following FAA regulations, when is a runway considered to be wet or slippery in the context of landing performance calculations? Specifically, what definitions or guidance on ...
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Why don’t aircraft undergo contaminated-runway landing-distance and rejected-takeoff certification testing?

All aircraft have to undergo testing to determine how much runway they need in order to safely land and come to a stop, or to safely reject a takeoff. They do not, however, have to undergo this ...
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Does the landing distance required for a wet runway needs to be within a certain range of the landing distance available?

Conform the regulations the landing distance required (LDR) for propeller engine aircraft needs to be within 70% of the landing distance available (LDA). The LDR for a wet runway needs to be ...
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What are the performance adjustments for a Beechcraft B1900D on a wet runway?

I am doing runway analysis for B1900D and AFM Section 5, does not provide correction to V1 or the takeoff weight for takeoff on a wet runway. Appreciate if someone can provide information regarding ...
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How are landing aircraft handled during an emergency runway closure?

A Hypothetical scenario A landing aircraft at a busy airport such as London Gatwick LGW has an issue during landing that requires the immediate closure of the runway. My understanding is that ...
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How do we use the runway condition assessment matrix?

Starting on October 1st, 2016 the FAA is moving away from providing Mu values for runway friction reports to a new format showing contamination type and depth for each third of the runway. Along with ...
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