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Use for the "2D" navigational routes; for the trajectory use [flight-path]

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Where does FlightAware obtain the filed flight plans under the "Flight Data" section?

Visit the FlightAware page for a random flight, say Now under the "Flight Data" section, sometimes we'll see an entry called "Route" ...
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B737-800 wire routing path diagrams

I was wondering from where can I get screenshots of the aircraft internal fuselage without wall or ceiling panels showing the manufacturer wirebundle routes and ground terminal blocks like the pic ...
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Examples of non-direct flight tracks (ETOPS, political instability, etc.)

Flights don't always follow the great circle route (the shortest distance between two points on the globe) for a number of reasons: Political Instability Airspace Closures ETOPS Limits Geography (eg. ...
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Changing SID without changing the flight plan

Pilots are demanding conventional SID rather than RNAV SID planned on flight plan due gps problem. In that case is it enough for a tower controller to coordinate the conventional SID with the approach ...
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Flight plan routing - when can you go direct? [duplicate]

When you are creating a flight plan and getting a route from airport A to airport B, I noticed that in flight simulation the routes will mostly have a pattern of going to a waypoint --> then an ...
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FAA and Eurocontrol waypoints with same ID

It seems that the FAA and Eurocontrol have waypoints with the same ID. For example, the route between KJFK and LFPG for a recent ...
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Why did our flight avoid the Black Sea?

Just flew from Schipol Airport in the Netherlands to Changi in Singapore. The inflight tracker looked like this: Clearly there is a direct route over Odesa to Tehran. So why would the flight path ...
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In 1997, what would the likely Paris–Tokyo route be? Generally, where to gain information on historic routes?

Today you would likely via Dubai, or perhaps take one of the long flights say Zurich -> NRT. If I'm not mistaken Dubai came to it's current position in early 2000s, so in the 90s it was not the ...
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How to calculate time-of-arrival of airplanes to a neighborhood of a position (with minimum probing)? [closed]

Suppose we have a position on earth with coordinates: (latitude, longitude). I'm looking for methods, algorithms or APIs to get a time alert that a plane would fly ...
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What routes are available for airliners to fly from Europe to Japan without entering Russian airspace?

Under the present circumstances it seems like for an European vector flying above Russian airspace can be dangerous (I don't know if Russian airspace is currently closed). However reaching Japan from ...
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Why do flights approaching Kabul seem to take a different route since the Taliban took over?

From a reporter on Twitter: Nerdy question but genuinely curious: All fights into Kabul would previously approach from the east, flying towards the direction of Nangarhar, then making a U-turn over ...
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Why is this Jordan–Afghanistan flight avoiding airspaces in the Middle East despite being used by other flights?

Not sure if this particular question fits more on Aviation or Politics. I am following the international situation these days and sometimes I watch a bit of live Flightradar. Today en route to Kabul I ...
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How do I read this flight plan route?

When I create a flight plan using SimBrief, for example for London Gatwick (EGKK) to Dublin Airport (EIDW), it generates the following route: ...
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Why do flights from Tel Aviv to Honolulu go west?

Out of curiosity, my kid was looking at flights from Tel Aviv (TLV) to Honolulu (HNL) and noticed that they all fly west, with stops in the lower 48 (contiguous U.S.). This surprised me: Tel Aviv's ...
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Are there passenger flights with stops in the middle?

Train and bus lines usually have a number of stops along the way where some passengers can get on and off, while the rest stay onboard and continue to their destinatiom. For sufficiently long routes, ...
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What might this P-68 be doing? [duplicate]

Right now (28 May 2020, 0910 UTC) this Partenavia P-68 is repeatedly flying, alternately, northbound and southbound over Rome, Italy, in regular straight paths about 45 km long, some 400 meters apart. ...
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Why was the Iraqi airspace closed on 12 Mar 2020?

I was onboard BA105 on March 12, 2020 (London LHR to Dubai DXB), which was rerouted (I hope this is the correct term) to fly over Egypt. See the inflight map photo below: Close to arrival, the crew ...
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Why don't aircraft fly direct via oceanic airspace from UK to Iceland?

Whenever I watch the routes of aircraft flying between BIKF (Keflavik, Iceland) and e.g. EGLL (Heathrow, UK), they make a small turn in between to avoid oceanic airspace. See for example this flight ...
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Do stratospheric business and military jets use the North Atlantic Tracks?

The North Atlantic Tracks (NATs) are the airways generally used by airliners taking approximate great-circle routes between North America and Europe; due to the wild swings in wind strength and ...
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What is the name of the format of route with the dots? Eg. DTW..LAYNE.DXO006 (...)

I found in our data a route formatted with dots instead of with spaces and DCTs. Example: DTW..LAYNE.DXO006.BNNET.YQG341.DIRKS.J38.GRB/0052 What is the name of ...
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Why would a flight take a detour on clean weather?

I was in a flight recently (march 22nd) from SBCF to SBGR (Brazil). It's usually a 1h10m flight, but mine took roughly 20 minutes more. I saw the flight path in FlightAware and there's an unexpected (...
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What are the FAI rules for circumnavigating the world?

If I want to solo circumnavigate the world by plane as the youngest pilot, what are the FAI requirements regarding the routing? Most standard routings include the Hawaii to California leg, which is ...
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What was the flight route from New York to Paris that Air France took in 1955?

I have a photograph of me and my sister in 1955 or 1956 boarding Air France to Paris. I seem to remember the route was: New York - Gander Gander - Shannon Shannon - Orly Is that correct? I know the ...
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Why is Iceland an efficient connection point between London and Boston/NYC?

Air connections thru Iceland (Keflavik) have been increasing explosively in recent years. Keflavik is used as a transfer point on trans-Atlantic itineraries. The highest-traffic city pair involving ...
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Why would a flight from Frankfurt to Madrid fly over London?

While enjoying the sunshine at the bank of the river Main in Frankfurt (Germany) this evening, I saw a LATAM B787-9 depart over the city center towards the north. This was slightly surprising, as the ...
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Why did my IAH-SYD flight avoid Mexican airspace?

I'm on UA101 tonight, the very long IAH-SYD nonstop operated by United. If we look at Flightaware's routing for the flight (verified by the seatback moving map display) it's clear that we departed ...
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