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A rotorcraft is a heavier-than-air flying machine that uses lift generated by rotor blades revolving around one or more masts.

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Would a Tip Jet be more efficient or practical the bigger/longer it gets?

In summary, a tip jet is a jet nozzle at the tip of some helicopter rotor blades, used to spin the rotor without much torque. Source of the picture (it is an article) One of the types of Tip Jet is ...
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Does a cyclic in a helicopter essentially control rotor attitude?

So the basics of helicopter control as I understand it, at least, in terms of roll and pitch, are as follows: A helicopter is caused to move through space by means of tilting the main rotor disc, ...
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Are there attempts at fly-by-wire servo flap controlled rotor?

Reading this question and then this document about servo flap controlled rotor I was wondering if there has been any attempt at building one fixed hub helicopter with twistable blades hosting at 75% ...
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What is the heaviest payload ever carried by a single main rotor helicopter?

What is the most heavy payload ever carried by a single main rotor Helicopter?
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How much power and lift margin do helicopters have for hover?

Suppose you are designing a helicopter and trying to size the rotor system for hover and flight. Your helicopter has a certain gross weight at sea level, standard atmosphere. How much additional lift ...
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What design characteristics influence helicopter wind gust spread tolerance during takeoff and landing

Not considering pilot reaction time, what factors influence a helicopter's ability to survive high wind gust spreads (from any direction) during takeoff and landing? I have considered: Swash plate ...
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