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Does a cyclic in a helicopter essentially control rotor attitude?

So the basics of helicopter control as I understand it, at least, in terms of roll and pitch, are as follows: A helicopter is caused to move through space by means of tilting the main rotor disc, ...
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What are these features on the V-22 ospreys rotor?

On the outside of the V-22s rotor fairings there seems to be some kind of hinged weights directly opposite of each of the three rotor blades. Does anybody know what their purpose is?
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Are there attempts at fly-by-wire servo flap controlled rotor?

Reading this question and then this document about servo flap controlled rotor I was wondering if there has been any attempt at building one fixed hub helicopter with twistable blades hosting at 75% ...
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How much power and lift margin do helicopters have for hover?

Suppose you are designing a helicopter and trying to size the rotor system for hover and flight. Your helicopter has a certain gross weight at sea level, standard atmosphere. How much additional lift ...
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