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9 answers

Is it possible to design a helicopter with fixed rotor blades only (no blade angle/flap/pitch)?

I am not familiar with helicopter rotor design but I wonder if it is possible to build a working/flying helicopter with fixed rotors that cannot change the blade angle, flap, pitch or adjust blades ...
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6 answers

Can a helicopter stand on the ground upside down on its rotor head?

From what I understand the rotor head needs to be strong enough to hold the craft weight hanging below it, and sounds pretty strong. The blades however look quite fragile (for a piece of metal). In ...
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13 votes
3 answers

Would an aircraft with no ailerons, no elevators and no rudders be safely flyable?

With contrarotative propeller (or not, if twin engine), cyclic and collective blade control. Would such an aircraft be safely flyable, and how efficient would it be, assuming it can have perfectly ...
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7 votes
1 answer

What are the mechanisms fitted in the SA321G Super Frelon rotor head?

Past the cyclic-collective pitch control, I understand (maybe incorrectly) that additional mechanisms are required to prevent or limit vibrations and loads on the mast and the blades. Aerospatiale ...
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3 answers

How does a Delta-3 hinge on a helicopter tail rotor work?

I am trying to understand how adding offset hinges would provide a self-feathering force. Does anyone have more information on Delta hinges on helicopters? I am a bit confused with the information I ...
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1 answer

How does the load transfer from a prop to the airframe?

I was just watching this video... Restoration and startup of a Wright 1820 Cyclone ...and it got me thinking: a propeller shoves back air, and this creates a forward force on the prop. The prop ...
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Could a rotor head wing be plausible?

Could a helicopter support a detachable wing with no controls on top of the rotor head in place of a radar dome? Could the rotor head be made to support more weight? Would it be more fuel efficient at ...
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