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The Rotax 912 is a normally aspirated, air- and water-cooled, four-stroke, four-cylinder engine commonly used on certified aircraft, light sport aircraft, and ultralight aircraft.

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In what way is a Rotax 914 F2/S1 different from a standard 914 F2?

Rotax manufactures the 914 F2/S1 variant, which is (at least) used in Stemme's S10 and S12 self-launching gliders. What are the differences between the F2 and the F2/S1? Bonus question: Why have any ...
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Can VANS RV-12 with Rotax 912 ULS be used/equiped in IFR? [duplicate]

May an instrument rated pilot fly a VANS RV-12 with a Rotax 912 ULS with the following equipment in VMC, under instrument flight rules for IFR training? Dynon 10" HDX Touch Screen Primary ...
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Can I assume that AVGAS can be used without any problem when the engine manual suggests RON 95 or higher?

Can AVGAS 100 LL be used without any problem in Rotax 912i engine which suggests a fuel with RON 95 or higher? What would be the advantages of using AVGAS over unleaded RON 95 gasoline?
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What component of an aircraft generates its electric power?

What component of an aircraft generates the electric power to start the aircraft's engine? For a Rotax 912 engine, I think the magneto generates the electricity, but I'm not sure; I also think about ...
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Flight Design CTSW vs Cessna 162 (Light Sport Airplanes) [closed]

I am going to buy a light sport aircraft in next couple of months and trying to make a decision between Flight Design CTSW and Cessna 162. I have some budget within 50K and want inexpensive plane. ...
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Can 80hp Rotax 912s be upgraded to 100hp?

The more recent Rotax 912's are 100 hp engines. Can the earlier 80 hp models be upgraded to 100hp - without a complete engine swap?
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How safe is the Certified Rotax 912 versus the Continental O-200?

I'm thinking of buying a taildragger LSA, many of which have a Rotax engine. Continental and Lycoming are the major suppliers of certified piston aircraft engines, and they are considered to be safe ...
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Why Rotax 912 "burps the tank"?

The Rotax 912 engine has dry sump forced lubrication system. They say rotating the prop in the correct way (counter-clockwise when looking from the prop side) will get the oil from the bottom of the ...
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