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For questions about rockets as they pertain to aviation. Questions about rockets in the context of space are off topic here.

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How do rocket engines produce more thrust than aircraft jet engines?

I can't find the reason why rockets are able to produce so much thrust when compared to turbojets. I do know that the rockets carry their own own supply of oxygen since there is no oxygen in space or ...
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What is this plane and what are the rockets on the back used for?

While reading this question I saw an image of a plane marked as a US Marines plane of some sort with thrusters or rockets of some sort attached to the sides just past the CG. What plane is this and ...
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Would it be possible to build a "rocket" using a series of ducted fans?

I'm wondering if it would be possible to build ducted fan "rocket". My idea is to construct the duct from 18650 batteries, and to have a series of contra rotating fans along its length. I can 3d ...
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Why astronauts during launch fly faster than jets but experience less Gs? [closed]

The NASA Space Shuttle used to lunch astronauts into spaces at high speeds, supersonic speeds. When you google whats the Gs force they experienced while departing or simply “Gs forces astronauts” You ...
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