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A Remote Pilot is a pilot who remotely operates an aircraft, especially a Remote Pilot certified under FAA part 107

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Remotely controlled civilian passenger jets [closed]

Remotely controlled aircraft have existed since at least the first "world war" (eg, The Aerial Target), so any sensible review would suggest that all civilian passenger fleets would have ...
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What is the largest aircraft ever successfully flown and landed with no pilot on board?

I'm not sure if this belongs here or on the drone site. What is the largest aircraft (not spacecraft) that has completed an entire flight, including takeoff and no- or minimal-damage landing, either ...
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What's are the advantages of having the pilot in the cockpit? [duplicate]

Instead of a pilot in the cockpit, how far are we from having commercial airplanes with remote pilots (like drones)? The remote pilot won't have any kind of space disorientation Each of its actions ...
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What are the handling effects of converting a dihedral wing to polyhedral?

I'm looking at plans to build a radio controlled (RC) glider that is launched by rocket boost mainly as a park flyer. I've been given a set of plans for a model that is a dihedral wing (see attached ...
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What does the "remote control" for a QF-4 look like?

As I understand it a QF-4 is a Phantom which is converted to a remotely controlled plane for use in weapons testing. (Apparently in non-destructive runs, a pilot is still on board for safety, ...
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How unusual is it for remotely piloted aircraft to fly through commercial or general aviation airspace?

According to the article NASA flies large unmanned aircraft in public airspace without chase plane for first time: Flights of large craft like Ikhana, have traditionally required a safety ...
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What is the expected time frame for FAA knowledge test results to show up in IACRA?

I just passed my Part 107 Remote Pilot's knowledge test this morning, and I noticed that IACRA indicates it may take up to 48 hours for the test records to show up. Does it always take 48 hours or is ...
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What constitutes a flight review for the purposes of eligibility for a remote pilot certificate under 14 CFR 107.61(d)(2)?

An applicant for the Remote Pilot Certificate who already holds a pilot's license can forgo the knowledge test required by 14 CFR 107.61(d)(1) if they have a current flight review. The regulation ...
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