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How can I convert a frozen ATPL from South Africa to an Iranian one?

I have got a frozen ATPL license from South Africa and I'm from Iran. I came back home last year and I have converted my CPL/IR license to the Iranian piloting license by doing Air Law and Human ...
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Climb/Descent or vectoring in other controller's airspace without point out

I'm an ATC trainee in an ACC. Few days ago, I handed off an aircraft to the adjacent approach control, and the app. controller made it descend and vectored while it was still in our airspace; ACC's ...
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How far can one be from an helipad when marshalling an helicopter?

I considered 25 meters (as per UN SOP's) but after working years with MI-8's the downwash can flatten a big man. I'm interested in procedures from the FAA etc. ...
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What is the process for converting a US certificate to a Japanese license?

I have a Japanese exchange student (here for at least 4 years) who is looking to pursue a pilot's certificate (up through commercial, potentially to an ATP rating) in the US and, upon returning to ...
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How are foreign militaries regulated in the USA?

I believe the US military is not officially subject to the FARs, but what about foreign military aviation? What about aviation activities of the various National Guard outfits? Example...the Belgium ...
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What regulation says that a manufacturer must support a fleet above a specific size?

Beechcraft bought back Starship to reduce the size of the flying fleet so they could stop supporting them. What regulation defines the fleet size a manufacturer has to support?
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What is different between HIR (Hold Items Record) and DIR (Deferred Items Record)?

I wonder what is exactly different between HIR and DIR? What is different between HIR (Hold Items Record) and DIR (Deferred Items Record)?
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Why are there no stall angle requirements outlined by regulations like CS-25?

When reading regulations like CS-25, it outlines specific requirements for stall speed such as CS 25.103 Stall speed: Source The only mention of angle of attack is in relation to stick pushers. Is ...
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Why do heli PC2 operations require highest obstacle clearance

In designing a helipad I notice that the Australian requirements (AC139.R-01) for obstacle clear gradients specify that the slope category (12.5% slope) generally applies to PC2 operations, whereas ...
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14 CFR § 91.213 - Inoperative instruments and equipment. <Cessna 172S NAV III>

I am working on a commercial right now, but still, this confuses me a lot. For example, during the preflight, I found that the airplane has inoperative equipment. And our operator has no MEL. Then I ...
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Are there regulations about carrying cargo on passenger seats?

We see that passenger aircraft have recently made cargo flights so that the supply chain does not decrease due to the Covid-19 crisis. It is seen that the cargo boxes are loaded on the passenger ...
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Are there any low time lucky CPL holders who operate as PIC on medium or heavy jets?

CPL holder can be PIC on any plane if it's not a commercial air transport. So if the flight is positioning, acceptance, testing, delivery or any other without cargo and passengers any CPL holder ...
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Are there significant differences between EASA and FAA when teaching jet aircraft performance?

Both regulatory bodies did a great effort in regulation harmonization, but I'm looking for any significant differences (if any) in how is taught the subject from the pilot point of view, i.e. ...
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Does the responsibility for the plane shift from the PIC, if they leave the plane?

Is the PIC still responsible for everything when they leave the plane and a co-pilot is staying on board? Are there differences between operational reasons for leaving the plane (doing the walk-around)...
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