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For questions about jetliners designed to make frequent, short flights with relatively small passenger loads.

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Roller Coaster Airline

Could an airliner legally (using a common regional jets or less likely airliners) and safely perform acrobatic maneuvers that would otherwise not be permitted for commercial passenger flights. Why? ...
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Why was the DC-9-80/MD-80 so successful despite being obsolete almost from birth?

The McDonnell Douglas DC-9-80/MD-80 series of narrowbody jetliners was the second-to-last DC-9 major version produced (from 1979 through 1999), the second-largest, the most-produced (just under half ...
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Ground Speed On Approach [duplicate]

I'm not a pilot, just a bit of frequent flyer and moderate aviation enthusiast. I sometimes get on Flightaware and check on the flights I frequent and see the path that was taken and flight time. I ...
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Why didn't Boeing produce its own regional jet?

Boeing, although it produced many larger narrowbodies, never designed its own regional jet; the only regional jet it ever produced was the DC-9 (from 1997 through 2006, in the DC-9-80 and DC-9-90 ...
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Why did the Mercure fail?

The Dassault Mercure was a French regional jet that first flew in 1971 and received its type certificate in February 1974; it resembled an enlarged, shorter-range 737-200, and was designed to serve ...
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Why don't short-haul regional jets go for composites?

We have seen Airbus and Boeing going all the way for composites on their A350 and 787, but when it comes to smaller planes like the Embraer E-jets or the Bombardier C-series, they choose to use ...
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How can I find the communication with ATC following an aborted landing?

On February 7th, I was on a UA 4694 from DEN to SAF, upon approach the landing was aborted; upon second approach, we heard the landing gear come down, which we did not hear on the first approach; the ...
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What is the difference between a business jet and a regional jet?

At first glance, business jets and regional jets seem virtually identical - both are small jets, usually low-winged twinjets (unless they're by Dassault, in which case they're trijets) with tail-...
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Why are modern regional jet designs shifting towards under wing engines?

Historically regional jets (eg, MD-95/B717, CRJ-700/900, ERJ-145, etc) have had their engines mounted near the rear of the fuselage. But, recently, regional jets are increasingly using an under wing ...
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What kind of Gyros are being used in smaller regional jets?

As per my understanding, most of the Gyros in big jets are electric driven but I am not sure if the smaller planes also have the electric driven or vacuum/pressure driven Gyros?
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