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Remote control model aircraft

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Giant RC Ground Effect Vehicle: How to determine the thrust required for takeoff from water

I am an aerospace engineering student, trying to design a large ground effect vehicle (GEV), and need advice/help to decide the thrust required for it to takeoff from the water surface. The model ...
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Does Oswald Efficiency make a significant difference on RC-aircraft?

As we know, Oswald Efficiency ($\epsilon$) is caused by change in downwash over the span of the wing, thus causing a change in effective angle of attack over the wing and therefore induced drag ...
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What is the maximum roll rate for an RC aircraft of low maneuverability?

I'm a student of mechanical engineering and my graduation project is basically an RC aircraft powered by a propulsion system and It is used for general transportation. The aircraft doesn't require ...
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Why does a Phugoid occur? How can it be eliminated?

My model aircraft seems to do phugoid oscillations and I'm having trouble landing. It is around 2 kilos, very high mounted wing, so bad landing takes out the underbelly everytime. I'm wondering what'...
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What are the physical laws for upscaling an RC model to 1:1?

What are the laws of physics for upscaling an RC model from a smaller to larger scale or even to a full sized 1:1 aircraft? I guess the basic thing may be lift/weight ratio which was nicely described ...
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What are the limiting factors when flying a model UAV plane to high altitude?

Setting aside the likely legal factors for a moment, what are the limiting factors when flying a model plane to high altitude? As I see it these could be: Battery power consumption - Model planes ...
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Is it legal to use RC quadcopters for commercial purposes?

Is it legal to fly a drone with a go pro or something and take photos and video for commercial purposes? This is what I found on the FAA website. All UAS operations for commercial or business ...
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17 votes
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Where is RC aircraft flying allowed in the US?

In the US, where are you allowed to fly RC aircraft? AMA says you should stay away from airports and below 400 feet. Is there any actual law about this? I'm guessing you are free to fly on your own ...
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