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For questions about RATO (rocket-assisted takeoff), also known as JATO, a method of helping aircraft take off by attaching rockets to them.

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RATO used to get civilian aircraft out of airports with inadequate runway length?

There are plenty of stories of large aircraft accidentally, or emergently, landing at airports that don't meet the plane's runway length requirements. The only solution to getting them out that I've ...
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Did the DC-9 ever use RATO in revenue service?

While reading the NTSB report on the crash of ALM Flight 980, I came across this interesting tidbit: ... The fuel charts used for the study made allowance for a higher consumption rate than the ...
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Have there ever been any JATO bottles using only kerosene?

I've been reading about the early rocket work during WW2. They tried all sorts of fuels, hydrogen peroxide, hydrazine, red fuming nitric acid... Just in the scope of JATO/RATO, has there ever been ...
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What is the procedure for a rejected Jet/Rocket Assisted Takeoff (J/RATO)?

Seeing the image of a Lockhead LC-130 doing a jet assisted takeoff in snow mentioned in this answer, I wonder: What is the procedure for a rejected takeoff when using JATO? Can the JATO rockets be ...
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