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The maximum distance at which something is effective. This can relate to when an aircraft will run out of fuel, or when an electronic transmission will be too weak to receive.

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How does wind affect the airspeed that I should fly for maximum range in an airplane?

I have heard that wind affects the actual airspeed that I should fly for maximum range in an aircraft. I understand that wind will not affect the airspeed that I should fly if I am looking for ...
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How do airliners get from the factory to the client if the aircraft does not have the required range?

Today I flew on an Embraer 190 of Kenya Airways. Checking in the tech specs this aircraft has a range of roughly 2900 km. Considering it is built in Brasil, I was wondering how do they deliver it to ...
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How can you find the best altitude for range or speed?

How can you select best cruise altitude (altitude for best range velocity) and maximum speed altitude? The specific case is a turboprop aircraft of gross weight 8000 lb.
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How far can a 777 fly with just one engine at altitude?

If a 777 pilot wanted to fly further than with both engines running, how many more miles could the plane go with just one engine running, at high altitude?
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Could the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft do a transatlantic flight with a Space Shuttle orbiter on its back?

Some of the STS backup landing sites were in Europe. Of course, The STS would actually have to fly there only in case of extreme emergency, so the number one priority was just to save the lives of ...
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How do jet fighters get to war?

Currently Australia is deploying F/A-18E/F Super Hornets to the UAE to fight in Iraq. Obviously the UAE (and Iraq) is a very long way from Australia and well beyond the typical range of one of these ...
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Confused about best range speed and Carson speed

I have read that best lift /drag ratio gives maximum range which makes perfect sense to me. I have also read Carson speed gives the best fuel consumption. which doesn’t make sense because this would ...
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How can some stretched derivative airplanes have longer range while most have less?

On the one side A321 neo has almost the same range as the A320 neo (250 NM difference), and a LR version of A321 neo will have an even longer range. The same goes for the Dassault Falcon 7x and the ...
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Why there is such a strong correlation between the range of an airliner and its passenger capacity?

Why we rarely see an A320 (or equivalent aircraft) on a long route with all premium business seats or an A380 (or equivalent aircraft) with high density seating and on a short route? On top of that, ...
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How far can Boeing 777-200LR fly?

The diagram shows the B777-200LR Payload/Range for 0.84 Mach Cruise (P.41 of Source) The maximum payload range is around 7600 nmi, and after that payload have to be reduced in order to increase range....
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What is the longest range single-pilot certified (FAA and/or EASA) business jet?

I suspect the single-pilot business jet with the longest range is the SyberJet SJ30x: NBAA IFR Range with 100 nm Alternate M 0.76 (1 pilot + 2 passengers; passenger/pilot at 90 kg each) 2,575 nmi (...
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During an engine failure should I deploy 10° of flap or keep it clean?

Imagine I have an engine failure in cruise flight with a Cessna 152 or 172. Should I select 10° flap to increase glide angle? Would it give me more range to reach safety?
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How do different RPM–MAP settings affect range?

For a cruise in constant-speed prop aircraft, you can choose different combinations of the manifold pressure and prop rpm to generate the same amount of power. For example, in order to generate 117 ...
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How did shortening the 707 increase its range?

According to the Wikipedia entry for the 707-120: The 707-138 was a −120 with a fuselage 10 ft (3.0 m) shorter than the others, with 5 ft (1.5 m) (three frames) removed ahead and behind the wing, ...
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Why are the altitudes and distances in the profile view different when calculated with the fpm values in the conversion table on Jeppesen charts?

Why are the altitudes and distances in the profile view different when calculated with the fpm values in the conversion table on Jeppesen charts? To put it more simply, I find the distance between ...
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Gliding range if engine is off

The engine was turned off at 1000m above sea level. If you ignore the landing pattern, how long can the runway be within a few kilometers of the landing to safely land? However, the wind is blowing at ...
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How is the length of a leg calculated?

Here are few facts: A flight is basically climbing, staying high, then descending toward a runway Changes in altitude increase the distance an aircraft flies. Given the climb/descent angle, this ...
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