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Use for the aviation radomes (radar + dome), whether on an aircraft's nose or elsewhere

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Why doesn't this 767 nose paint line up with the rest of the paint?

Looking at this Boeing 767 you'll notice that the nose paint is not lined up with the rest of the paint. But the same model with the same paint scheme on the second image is fine. What is the reason ...
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What are these lines on the nose of a Boeing 737?

What are these lines on the radome? You can also see them here: What are they and what is their function? Source: AviaFilms
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Why does the radar dome on the E-3 have a white stripe down the middle?

Every picture I can find of the Boeing E-3 Sentry has a blue/black radar dome on top with a fairly thick white stripe down the middle but I can't figure out why. Is it perhaps related to the position ...
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Why do Russian Su-30SM fighters have white nose radomes?

I am intrigued by the white nose radomes on Russia's Sukhoi Su-30SM fighters. Why white? Source These white nose radomes are especially noticeable in naval Su-30SM fighters, as the latter are ...
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Why is the nose cone of the Su-34 white?

The title says it all. It can be clearly seen, for example, in this image: (image source: Wikimedia) The rest of the jet seems to have a camouflage.
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