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Questions tagged [radio]

Radio equipment, including antennas, receivers, two-way radio systems, and more.

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Is it normal for airport to transmit unmodulated carrier on its ATIS frequency for extended periods of time?

So I'm around 4 km away from the City-Airport Mannheim (EDFM/MHG). Various websites tell me that its ATIS frequency is 136.550 MHz. When I tune to 136.550 with my VHF AM receiver, I can see a strong ...
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EASA procedures for radio/comm failure under VFR rules

Trying to find the VFR communication failure procedure in EASA, but can't find anything clear enough, maybe someone have a link for clear instructions for that procedure? I want to figure out what ...
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Why is there a short tone in the ATC recording that cuts the pilot transmission using VOX?

I had an experience of listening to tower-to-pilot conversation and noticed that there was a short tone in the audio stream that suppresses the voice/audio signal and causes muting on the recording. I ...
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