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Questions tagged [radio-communications]

Radio is the primary way that pilots communicate with air traffic control and with other aircraft.

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How can the 3M22 Zircon receive commands at high speeds?

According to its Wikipedia article, the scramjet-powered 3M22 Zircon missile is capable of achieving speeds of up to Mach 9, at which a plasma may be created around the missile. The article further ...
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PTT mutes mic w/ A20, Delta Zulu, works with older headsets

New airplane to me. Coms work great using an older headset, David Clark or other brand. When using my Delta Zulu or Bose A20 the intercoms works fine until you press the PTT. When pressed the radio ...
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Is there a specific reason Delta Airlines is allowed to have a call sign that's also code word in the NATO phonetic alphabet?

This is a followup to Is there any specific reason why Delta Air Lines doesn't have its own callsign? I was... "helpfully" informed that, um, actually, Delta Airlines does have its own callsign, it's "...
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Why would it be logical to call clearance delivery prior to CTAF during an instrument approach?

I am quoting this directly from the FAA's Instrument Procedures Handbook publication. "The communication strip provided near the top of FAA approach charts gives flight crews the frequencies that ...
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How strongly is airband affected by severe thunderstorms in practice?

In light of this question I was very surprised to learn that despite operating on a higher frequency (108 MHz upwards) than the standard FM broadcasting, airband uses amplitude modulation (AM) instead ...
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How HF wire antennas on older aircraft are protected from lightning and static discharge?

For HF antennas installed on some older aircraft with wires running from points on the fuselage to the tail, what precautions are used to prevent lighting strikes or P-static accumulation from ...
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Are there any aviation vehicles for Internet service?

Facebook announced on Wednesday (2018.06.27) that it is ending its Aquila drone program after four years of development. Aquila was a high-altitude platform station (HAPS) system designed to deliver ...
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What is the meaning of “next frequency” in PDC?

When we get pdc we see next frequency,For example 121.4 Sometimes it is the frequency of clearance,but sometimes is the frequency of departure. WHY?Which frequency should it be?
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Can a radio on VOX detect a loud tone and interpret as a cut on transmission (coming from pilot/cockpit)?

Can a radio using VOX detect a short tone and interpret it as a signal for cutoff of audio signal/transmission? this is A/G radio communication using a Schmid radio
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Why is there a short tone in the ATC recording that cuts the pilot transmission using VOX?

I had an experience of listening to tower-to-pilot conversation and noticed that there was a short tone in the audio stream that suppresses the voice/audio signal and causes muting on the recording. I ...
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