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Radar is a surveillance technology that uses radio waves to determine the range (and azimuth) of an aircraft. It works by measuring the time difference between a radio transmission and the echo or reply to that transmission. Radars are the most common surveillance equipment used by ATC.

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Why are only discrete SSR codes allotted for aircraft identification?

What happens if we assign a non-discrete squawk code (ending on 00) like 0200? Is there any particular reason for non-discrete squawk codes to be used only for special purposes and not for ...
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Tail Warning Radar on the P-51

One of the "features" of the P-51 was a tail warning radar that was supposed to let pilots know if an enemy fighter was on your tail. However, a P-51 pilot told me that they generally ...
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How will the update from DO-260A to DO-260B improve safety and efficiency in air traffic management significantly?

From what I know, the version update from DO-260A and DO-260B offers new features such as on-ground vs airborne source selection logic, ADS-B failure annunciation, the split of the quality indicators ...
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What prevents the use of auxiliary radar installations to allow radar control and MSAW protection in areas that would otherwise be masked by terrain?

Both primary1 and secondary2 radar, while extremely useful (nay, indispensable) for modern aviation and air traffic control, are limited to seeing only aircraft in their direct line of sight; if there ...
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What is the equivalence of Meteksan MILDAR in US inventory?

This is called MILDAR radar. This is manufactured by a Turkish company named Meteksan. Is this Turkish equivalent of Longbow radar? If yes, why is that radar pylon-mounted rather than mast-mounted?...
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Can lasers be used for weather detection along an aircraft's flight path?

Aircraft use RADAR for weather detection such as storm clouds, rain, etc. Why don't they use LASER instead to measure the density of the weather ahead? RADAR has been known to return false signals of ...
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What is the N001VEP symbology in the Su-27SM?

I saw on Wikipedia that the N001VEP radar in the Su-27SM can track 10 targets at a time and engage 4 of them at a time. So, what is the symbology of the N001VEP in the Su-27SM that allows it to do ...
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