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Questions about aircraft which use four rotors to provide lift.

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Why haven't quadcopters been scaled up yet?

Why are quadcopters not flown by human pilots yet? Wouldn't they be more stable and easier to control than helicopters?
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How to calculate the required motor power and rotor size with respect to the weight of quadcopter?

I want to build a quadcopter but don't have any idea about motor and rotor size selection. Is there a formula or equation to use? What are other things that need to be considered? Trial and error ...
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How do I compute thrust of a rotor disk and the necessary power to drive it??

as it seems, this question has been asked a few times here so please forgive me for asking again. If I have 50 BHP shaft power available at 5000 RPM and 106 N.m torque, then can I convert it to 200 ...
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Does a quadcopter have flight modes beyond traditional aircraft?

Quadcopters, by virtue of software-piloting rather than human-piloting, are capable of new modes of flight. I've seen one in which the machine maintains altitude despite the loss of two rotors by ...
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What‘s the thrust of two stacked propellers?

Let‘s say that you have two identical propellers and each is powered by their own motor and together they produce a thrust of 1 kN. How does the thrust change if instead of operating them side on side ...
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Could a quadrotor use a main gas powered rotor with small electric rotors for attitude control?

Here is my idea of heavy lifting quadcopter. (Although it is not a quad copter anymore because of the center rotor) Have a big coaxial fixed pitch rotor at the center. The rotor is gasoline fueled. ...
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How to calculate optimal prop diameter, pitch, torque and power coefficient given required thrust?

this is my first post here, so bear with me if this isn't the right place. I'm coming here from Stack Overflow, and this seemed to be the most relevant Stack Exchange for my question. So, I'm ...
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Looking for the correct propeller shape to create a small copter [duplicate]

I am trying to create a mini flying quadrocopter using a Raspberry Pi (mini programmable computer). So far I have hooked up the RPi to 4 motors with controls to each. I'm pretty happy with that side ...
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