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Why is VNAV and LNAV being prohibited with QFE?

737NG AFM says : The use of VNAV or LNAV with QFE selected is prohibited. But what's the reason of this limitation?
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3 answers

How often is QFE set on an altimeter during flight?

In countries that use QFE rather than QNH (such as China), how often will a pilot set the QFE setting on their altimeter during flight? Is it only when they intend to land at an airfield, or does it ...
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3 votes
2 answers

What is wrong about this interpretation of QFE and QNH?

I'm a little confused about the QFE and QNH definitions, and its application on aviation. I learnt that: $QFE$ = pressure measured by an altimeter which is adjusted to ground level (it gives a height ...
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12 votes
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How can I calculate QNH from QFE?

Can someone please explain in simple terms how to work out your QNH from QFE? For example, you take off at 0' but leave the circuit, what do you set the altimeter to? How do you know the QNH?
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When is QFE used?

When is QFE, instead of QNH, used for the altimeter setting? QFE: If you set the subscale of your altimeter to read ... millibars, the instrument would indicate its height above aerodrome elevation ...
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