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Pushback is the operation of pushing an aircraft back from the boarding gate, typically done with a tug.

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Is it possible to use thrust reversers to taxi backwards?

Can commercial airliners theoretically taxi backwards using reverse thrust? If this is possible, why isn't it common? I can already imagine some safety reasons...
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Is a powerback allowed by airlines as a safe maneuver?

I watched some videos on YouTube where the pilot used the thrust-reverser for push-back instead of the push-back tug. Some examples: MD80 Powerback DC9 Ground Reverser Powerback Is this procedure ...
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How are pushbacks coordinated between the pilot and the tug?

When the pilot (PIC) of a large jet is cleared for pushback and start, how does he signal the tug to start towing the aircraft, and where to go to? The pilot has to monitor the ground frequency the ...
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Can reverse-thrust be used to push back from the gate? [duplicate]

Crazy idea, I know. But instead of pushing back a passenger plane using a vehicle connected to the front wheel, what if I turn on the reverse-thrust and rev up the engine? My logic is if it can slow ...
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Why do some airports park the aircraft backwards at the gate?

(YouTube) Push-in at Dortmund Airport. While at most airports, aircraft park at the gate facing the building, there are some airports that park aircraft backwards, e.g., Dortmund Airport (shown above)...
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Is it common for aircraft tugs to work from under the aircraft?

I came across this photo showing a tug attached in a way I have never seen before. I assume it was used to allow the aircraft closer to the terminal. Did this require special equipment or ...
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What is the process to disconnect ground electric power before pushback?

While commercial airliner are parked at the gate, they have electrical power connected to the aircraft (if available at the airport). This needs to be disconnected before pushback - what is the ...
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What are the advantages of towbarless pushback tugs?

After watching the video below I wondered the reason for towbarless tugs. Lifting the front wheel of a 575 ton aircraft seems like it requires an awful lot of expensive and complex hydraulics when the ...
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Why does the headset man not get on the tractor?

As far as I can see, the pushback operation of a passenger aircraft is carried out by a similar application at many airports. It's a towbarless tractor and driver who pushes the aircraft together with ...
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How and why does the ATR-72 sometimes use reverse thrust to push back from its parking position?

Travelling with Czech Airlines via Prague in an ATR-72 I have already experienced multiple times that instead of pushback service the planes simply used their reverse thrust to leave their parking ...
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Is there a minimum number of people needed for an aircraft pushback?

This seems a bit wasteful. Is there a legal requirement for a minimum number of people and if so, on what basis does this vary? (airline, airport, aircraft type, etc)
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What is the speed during push-back?

What is the usual or maximum speed during the push-back procedure of large commercial aircraft (say, B737, B787)? Is it fixed or dependent on the aircraft type or weight or anything else? Is it ...
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