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A type of jet engine that burns fuel - and produces thrust - in pulses, rather than continuously. Most designs use a system of valves to do the pulsing, but valveless pulsejets also exist.

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Would a pulsejet/turbine hybrid be efficient?

A pulsejet is an engine with a few moving parts (only the chamber shutters I think) in which fuel is injected in the combustion chamber, leading to a explosion that pushes air to the exhaust. After ...
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How to start up a Lockwood-Hiller Valveless Pulse Jet?

So me and my group mates in university got a lockwood hiller valveless pulsejet manufactured, and there was one error in manufacture. We are having trouble with trying to start the engine as ...
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How big can a pulsejet be?

Pulsejets are mostly known for propelling the V-1 flying bomb, and have some use as small remote-controlled plane engines. In either case, the pulsejets aren't particularly big, as far as jet engines ...
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Why don't planes use pulsejets?

According to my research, a pulsejet's thrust grows as the airspeed increases. Most pulsejets require no moving parts which makes it easier to manufacture them. They are also very lightweight which ...
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What are the pros and cons of a pulsejet?

I've heard pulsejet powered aircraft can fly at very fast speeds but are there any drawbacks to this type of engine? And are the disadvantages greater than the advantages or vice versa?
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