Questions tagged [propeller-aircraft]

Questions regarding aircraft driven by propellers, rather than by jet or rocket engines, gravity, atmospheric motion, being towed, or flapping their wings.

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How does one choose the number of blades and the diameter required for a turboprop propeller?

I am interested in the preliminary design of a regional aircraft that uses turboprops as the propulsion method. Following considerable research online about propeller design (disk theory, BEM...) I am ...
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How do power and thrust curves compare?

I would like to really understand why when talking about jets we care about thrust but when talking about propeller aircraft we care about power. (THRUST)="Just a force" (POWER)= work/time = ...
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9 votes
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Do jet aircraft have a better glide ratio than propeller aircraft in general? If so, why?

Being fond of aviation, I play with software simulators a lot. I have noticed that while jets seem to be able to glide for a long distance even at zero throttle, propeller aircraft need to be ...
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How do propeller planes sync their propellers?

While reading this question, I found that the answers did not address the point I had come for. On planes with electronic propeller synchronization, how is it actually accomplished? I know why ...
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Why does propeller slip (efficiency) change during the flight (fixed-pitch)?

I was wondering how the efficiency of a fixed-pitch propeller changes during different stages of flight and why it does so. I suppose when we are talking about propeller efficiency we are actually ...
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