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Questions regarding aircraft driven by propellers, rather than by jet or rocket engines, gravity, atmospheric motion, being towed, or flapping their wings.

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Evaluating maximum TAS for a given available power

This is the original problem: A turboprop aircraft with a weight of 162 kN is equipped with a power plant with a power derating model described by $\frac{P_A}{P_{A,0}} = 0.9\sigma^{0.75}$, where $P_{...
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Does a 3-blade prop handle up/down drafts better than a 2-blade?

I'm about to order a plane kit (RV-10) and one of the choices I'll be making is a 3-blade vs 2-blade propeller. A 3-blade prop should be: easier to balance, quieter and capable of generating more ...
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What is the effect of moving a propeller closer to a wing?

Does it improve efficiency? What if the wing is just a plate? Certainly increasing plate thickness will decrease efficiency.
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