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Is this description of lift and drag coefficients correct?

In my course (Principles of Flight) written: The effect of CLift is not linear. This means that Lift doubles for double the lift coefficient. And The effect of CDrag is linear. This means that for ...
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what is the actual force causes this issue according to IAS that shows normal descend speed?

When we have tail wind during approach , with respect of Aerodynamic forces that effect on airplane , the whole part of fuselage move forward due to tailwind, also we have about 70kts IAS (in general ...
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How does Propeller windmilling work?

I’ve got a problem with understanding propeller windmilling. What I know is that when rpm are low and tas is high the blade aoa goes „over” the blade and is some kind of negative now, producing thrust ...
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Does downwash increase or reduce lift generation?

I’m wondering about the impact of downwash on lift generation. I've read that, because downwash creates lift according to Newton's third law of motion, increases in downwash due to greater AoA (...
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