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How fast can an airliner (like a Boeing 747) taxi backwards?

Forgive my lack of understanding, I thought I'd just buy a simulator and mess with it. I really don't know much of anything in terms of MSFS2020 or simming really at all. I realize that airliners can ...
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2 answers

Is it possible for the Boeing 737NG to do a powerback?

I'm curious, in a non-normal situation, where it's not possible to use a pushback tug, would it be POSSIBLE to perform a powerback on the 737NG, assuming the area was reasonably clear of FOD?
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Is a powerback allowed by airlines as a safe maneuver?

I watched some videos on YouTube where the pilot used the thrust-reverser for push-back instead of the push-back tug. Some examples: MD80 Powerback DC9 Ground Reverser Powerback Is this procedure ...
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Is it possible to use thrust reversers to taxi backwards?

Can commercial airliners theoretically taxi backwards using reverse thrust? If this is possible, why isn't it common? I can already imagine some safety reasons...
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