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Use for questions about aircraft flying in or over the Earth's northern or southern polar regions, and the special operational considerations when doing so.

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Can commercial airliners fly over central Antarctica during winter?

For example, if an airline decided they wanted to run year round flights on the great circle from Perth to Buenos Aires with a commercial airliner (e.g. A380 or B747), would they be able to do so? Or ...
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Do airlines have contingency plans to keep passengers warm in the event of an Arctic emergency landing (or otherwise a diversion)?

Imagine you're flying to Los Angeles in February, but find yourself landing in Iqaluit instead, with a daily mean of −27.5°C, without considering the effect of wind. Even walking from the cabin to a ...
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Why does "no aircraft cross directly over the pole"?

This is from the last paragraph here: ... no aircraft crosses directly over the pole – the closest route is 60 nautical miles (nm) away. User Michael Shen of York University asked this ...
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What's required for a plane certified to fly to Antarctica?

What special features besides the obvious long range does a plane have to have to fly to and land in Antarctica? I know not just any plane can make the trip, but I couldn't find many relevant ...
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Do any flights go over the South Pole?

Are there any flights that go over the South Pole, or any that have? I'm not interested in flights over the edges of Antarctica, I'm asking about crossing right over the Pole. Are there any problems ...
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What permissions or approval are needed to land in Antarctica?

Can I land at Jack F. Paulus Skiway (NZSP) with just an ATC clearance? Or do I need to ask some other authority before I fly there? Are there any regulations regarding 'landing rights' in Antarctica? ...
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What is this part of an aircraft (looks like a long thick pole sticking out of the back)?

On the website of Kenn Borek Air (an airline specializing in Arctic / Antarctic operations), on this page at the bottom, you can see the following picture: It looks like a long thick pole sticking ...
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What clues would have indicated KAL 902 was off course?

Korean Airlines Flight 902 was shot down by a Soviet fighter in April 1978 after the pilot turned through 150 degrees and entered Russian airspace. The New York Times reported it happened around 8.30 ...
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What is a grid course? [duplicate]

Reviewing the ILS 7 approach at Barrow (PABR) revealed something I have never seen before: Now, I saw the note (and diagram) in the upper left corner, so I was able to infer that this is a "grid ...
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Do airliners adjust altitude for latitude?

According to this NASA article, the troposphere extends from about 5 miles at the poles to about 9 miles at the equator. Though the height of the troposphere is defined by the height of the tropopause ...
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How to find polar curves of airliners?

The pilots operating manual of our Cessna 182 contains the lift-versus-alpha and lift-versus-drag data of the airplane, so I assume this is data that should be publicly available. Is there a ...
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How can I calculate polar curve?

I recently got the polar curve of an aircraft with the method of Anderson. But this method is too old. Does someone know a recent method for the polar curve without using CFD?
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How dangerous are Polar Routes, if an aircraft must land on water or wild land? [closed]

Should an emergency landing be necessary for a commercial aircraft on a Polar Route on water or in the unoccupied, secluded Arctic outback (e.g. Siberia, Far Northern Canada). What is the time ...
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Map with names of all active airports for Polar Routes?

Google yielded a map at, but it doesn't list any airport codes or names. Any that do? I am curious how many such airport can assist Polar Route ...
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Does a Chicago to UAE flight fly over the Arctic Circle or go around it? [closed]

I'm speaking about a flight from Chicago to UAE. Does it fly over the Arctic Circle or go around it?
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Safer to stop over in Seattle or Vancouver, and avoid Polar Routes?

My mom works in New York. She survived an airplane crash when younger. Assume cost and travel time are no problems. She prefers paying HER own money and spending MORE time on a stop over flight in ...
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